Month: December 2012

been so hectic!

Sorry, I’ve not blogged over the last several days! Christmas! With the kids and family not much has been accomplished  I did get to read some.. so watch this space! reviews coming in!

I will try to get on later today and add a few!

just a heads up! I read Iced by Karen Marie Moaning. (hubby bought it for my Christmas!)

and just let me say OMG! and i Mean OMFG! I loved it! Seriously, you should not think of a  14 year old girl like that.. but hey ho.. you grow up fast when the world is trying to end around you! and for immortal beings, whats waiting a few years? *G*


Its confusing reading two books at once *LOL*

Why do I do it? I know that it drives me crazy… but then I see two books i want to read, and instead of reading one at a time like a normal person,i have to read the both! Simultaneously!

lets not even get started on separate plot lines, dif. characters  and then the muddled dreams when you finally crash out! In the end i survive, and the books.. well its a good thing they are in e-format! *LOL*

At the moment Im reading two books as you can prob. tell the first is  Darkness and Light ( a holloway pack novel) by J.A. Belfield

and the second is 
Blood Song (Blood Series, #2)

Tamara Rose Blodgett
once ive finished one.. will review it.. *G* 

Connie Suttle is a Goddess!




I don’t even know where to begin!

Have just finished reading these two books, and the only reason it took me so long, was because I was too sick to lift my head. I kept falling asleep while reading! IT WAS NOT because it was boring BTW! but was fighting my body to read, and well the body won!


i read destroyer first, it was released first by Amazon! and Wow! Ashe you go! This book answered so many questions, there was times i was crying out loud, No ! that cant happen! but it worked out the way it was suppose to! *G*  LOVED IT! Honestly, when it ended I had a cheesy grin on my face and my heart filled with Happiness! 

However, Demons King ripped apart my soul and its still in dripping pieces. 

I’m not going to give any spoilers here, because you are just going to have to read it. 

I wept people! My husband tried to speak to me while i was reading, and i nearly ripped his head off! I swear to God, I think anything with boys parts should just be euthanized after reading this book .  I just don’t know if the male of the species have any redeeming qualities now. Rhea, I just wanted to take you into my arms and hide you from the Universe  It was almost too painful to read, as I related to her in one part of the book, and it brought the pain back almost as if it had happened yesterday instead of several years ago. 

Although, I cried, became angry, and basically Felt my chest ache thru out this book.. this is proof of what a talented and insightful writer Connie is. 

I commend you Mrs. Suttle. You are a Diamond among writers,and I pray to be reading your books for many years to come!

Thoughts and Prayers

this is not book related, but just wanted to take a moment to bow my head and think of the families that have lost their children today. I often wonder what goes thru the mind of the boy turned killer,when he decided to throw away everything and destroy the lives of countless people. 

Ive lost a child, and had to bury him, however I can not even begin to comprehend how the parents must be feeling.

to loose the most precious thing in the world, in a senseless act of violence. 

in one of the places that they should be the safest, is beyond description. 

Im so very sorry for your loss newtown and I pray that you will make it thru this. 


Kept by Shawntelle Madison

Kept_h180 (1)You know that you have enjoyed the book when it ends and you have that stupid loopy grin on your face! Thank God that most of the time no one can see it *LOL*  Just Finished reading Kept, and I have to eat my words… Thorn redeemed himself! I still think he was a bit dense and late coming to the game but hes male so what else can we expect!

I hurt for my wizard friend… sucks to love some one that cant return it the way you want!

my only gripe is theres no next book yet! theres loads of things needing answered! Also, the possibility of loads of spin offs! Seriously, Shawntelle you cant leave us hanging with what gonna happen to Thorn!

btw folks, this book explains why Thorn is such a tool in the first *G*

and i will leave it there!


Sick but still reading!

OK baby is asleep, and i feel rotten.. but im still able to read.. kinda.. kids have given me their plague! 

anyway, Im reading book to from  Shawntelle Madison coveted series. it is called Kept, and so far so good!  I still don’t like Thorn.. *grrrrr* maybe he will redeem himself..but so far its not happening. 

Coveted (Coveted #1) by Shawntelle Madison


Wow, what can I say, I was sucked into this one!

Stayed up to after 3 am this morning reading it, and then finished it off once the kids and hubby were gone for the day!

(spoiler alert!)

OK, I’m standing by my orig. thoughts on this one. Thorn, im just not feeling him as a mate for Nat. He acts like he is there for her, and is always guarding her from a distance. Her grandmother goes on about what he would do for her if he could.

His idiot of a father, who happens to be Alpha, just will not give Nat a break. So shes obsessive compulsive and has issues? so what? he has a napoleon complex! *evil grin*

If Thorn really loved her like he makes out, why the hell did he abandon her 5 years ago? why is he accepting a pairing with a powerful family just because daddy said so? Oh I care for you Nat, but I just cant be with you.. you don’t understand.. boo hoo.. poor baby, man up and grow a pair!

whew.. sorry end rant!

now Nick the warlock.. YUMMY!  open your eyes Nat! hes there, Hes sexy, and he wants you. and He came in all bad ass and took names when no one else stood up for you!

ARGHHHH!! OK OK.. need to de-stress.. but wait no, not gonna happen cause I’m off to buy the next book.. and possibly threaten the life of E-pages if they don’t do what i want!

A really well done to Shawntelle Madison! I love it when i get drawn into a book, and my emotions get engaged! this book was well written, full of detail, and had you thinking about why the things that were happening were happening! *G*

also, has funny sarcastic dialogue  and supporting characters you can only shake your head at and think.. OMG.. they let them out in public without a minder? *G*

OMG no wonder I’m poor!

was just reading the blog entry from The Nearest Door and saw that his reading goal was 50 books for 2012.. thought hmmm i know ive read at least that many *lol* 

ooops.. went to Amazon and had a look at my purchases for 2012.. eeepp.. and they are not the only place i buy from! seriously, Im gonna have to start begging Authors to send me copies to review for them, so i can feed my family and still be able to read! Image

On my Kindle now!

Gotta love Kindle, can read it anywhere! 

reading now is Coveted by Shawntelle Madison

only a few pages in but already like the authors writing style.. main female character is Major OCD and a werewolf, so opposite ends of the spectrum *G* 

saying that the lead Male, im really trying not do take a dis-like to him and hes only been in the story 2 seconds! *G*  lets see if he can redeem himself in my eyes.. He may go into the Boyfriends i cant stand but grin and bear it pile! 

Ill post more later on it though!