Blood Passage by Connie Suttle


OK now, We are into book two of the series, and things are still not looking good for Lissa! Will this chick ever get a break. Im really starting to hate the male of the species.. and Honestly, i like the furry men much better than the fanged!

Again, a wonderful work by top author Connie Suttle.  We get to see more of how Lissa thinks, and how she is coming into herself. its been a while since ive read the book so have patience, as the whole world is just seamless in my mind. 

Honestly, though.. (((((SPOILER ALERT))))




We have the only female vampire in 700 years, a woman who is that damn good she is the only vampire to ever be named pack.. and she still cant get a break? if it wasn’t for Lissa the  two would be back at war and the species decimated! 

The best part of the story was that she got out from underneath the councils rule for a while! Idiots, what are they thinking? she is priceless and they treat her like crap.. Ok Brandy .. real in your anger.. remember.. fiction.. yes.. yes.. fiction.. maybe.. 

that’s just how good it is.. you cant help but be drawn into the book.. you become angry, happy, sad.. this is a no brainier people grab these books and read em! *LOL*




  1. AHHHH Darling! As an avid Connie reader (I’ve read each and every book a many number of times) I agree life seems to alway kick Lissa when she is down and I must say it does get better, and worse all in the same breath. The three main characters of each group of books, travels a long and hard road. Having followed each book, feeling like I have lived each upset, heart break and good times, on a good day I want to both kiss and kick Connie. Her writing is beyond anything i’ve ever seen. How every single one of her book is woven around one world and each group in a different time zone and some times place, every thing falls together so seamlessly, you know Connie knows everything that has happened is happening and will happen to everyone at every moment. Truly one of the greatest writers I’ve ever read. I love her books and am so glad she is an indy author that she can get one book out a month ( Lucky us its two this month). She is truly fantastic, and keep reading if you haven’t already.

    1. thanks michaela!
      she is a really gifted artist! and can not wait to read the next two books coming out! i love connies books and my hope with my blog is to be able to share the work of writers like connie with others!

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