Connie Suttle: Blood Wager


where to begin?
Connie Suttle is a Super Nova when it comes to creating worlds within worlds! This was the first book that I read of hers, and i was pulled in like a fish on a line! Seriously, if she were a drug, id have been six feet under now, from OD’ing!
This is the first in the series, and folks get your wallets out because you will not be able to stop at the one book!
Connie draws you into the story, and well while you fall in love with Lissa, and she is in no way a victim.. you really just want to beat the crap out of several people by the end of the book, just to stand up for Lissa!
What drew me to Lissa from the start, she didnt start out as your perfect, sexy bombshell who is kick ass.. she was you or me.. struggling, crippled by grief and well ready to just lay down her head and give up.. does life give her a break? nope! just decided to kick her while she was down.. and continued to do so.. if she was not the strongest willed woman i have ever met.. she would have just said.. F it a long time ago.. I dont want to write too much more.. without adding spoilers.. but if folks want spoilers happy to give em *LOL*



    1. she is crazy good! i dont know how she keeps everything straight in her head! I would be in the loony bin by now.. going on about vampires, wizards, demon spawn, and the lot.. they are everywhere you just dont know it.. as they would drag me away to a nice quiet padded room.. come on sweetheart, the kindly nurse says, the demons cant get you hear..while looking above my head to the male nurse there to make sure i dont get violent. Her mouth shaping the words.. completely craaazzzzzyyy….

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