Priceless, living up to its name!

Priceless (A Sexy Urban Fantasy Mystery #1)Priceless


OK folks we have a winner here!
I really liked this book and off to check if the next in the series is available now.
Rylee is kick ass.. and taking names.
She is haunted by the loss of her baby sister who was stolen and killed years ago by vamps.
and is now on a mission to save as many children stolen by others as she can.
her love interest is great, even though it do sent look to be going so well by the end of the book.
Seriously, there are rules about BFF’s and guys!!
all in all.. a good read.. read it in about 12 hours … obviously, interrupted by life.. aka kids husband and sleep! i can eat and read at the same time..
And people wonder why i don’t have a clue about whats on the TV  X factor , umm no idea who is on it!


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