Branded (fall of angels)


Just finsihed the last few pages of this book this morning.

I enjoyed it, was well written, but just missed the umph to make it a great book.

its a free read at the moment from amazon so well worth the read.

The story line is solid, a tortured young woman that is traumatized by years of being branded by Angles in her dreams. She is considered crazy by her parents, and at 16 runs away to stop being institutionalized.  now 20 she is a care taker to a mansion and the grandson comes home and they fall in love in a matter of days. The head of the fallen council becomes obsessed with her and comes to earth to try and win her for himself. Hes a fallen angel so you can get how that works!  All in all, I would have like more character depth and interaction. there was a lot of things that could have been added to the story. It is the first in a series so may grow in the second story!  at the end of the day, I gave it a 3 star rating.  The book is good but could have been more.


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