Pope now Tweets!

Ok so totally not review related!

but just had to share.. the pope now has a twitter account and is tweeting! how cool is that!

I’m not Catholic but my children go to a Catholic school, and have snuck into a service at the church once.. was fun!

any who, as far as reading and reviews go, i haven’t read his book yet, but its on my list.

The Pope is writing a book about the Nativity, and how its not quite right.  ie.. the dates and time, who was there and who wasn’t  and even the animals in the mangers and the angels on high..

I really liked that he said, he wasn’t trying to change anything, IE.. traditions, but it was more of a documentation of what was really prob. going on at the time. That we shouldn’t take away the animals from the mangers or drop the angels from the carols.

I really like this.. it shows that we can be faithful with out being Dogmatic!  we can be Religious without being intolerant. Wow, so many people need to learn this lesson *G*

anyway, that’s enough of my rant off subject.. time to get back to reading and reviewing!


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