SO EXCITED!!! 2 days to go!


OMG … I am so excited!  Connie Suttle.. the top of my must read everything she writes before I die List is about to release TWO, yes i said Two new books in Two days!  Seriously, I feel like the Count from Sesame Street! (btw Connie, If at all possible let me die before you.. dont think i could survive without your books!) I have assured Connie on her FB page, that Im not a creepy stalker person, well not really.. if I ever came across her characters from the books.. i would so stalk some of them..

any way, wiping the drool from my mouth..

The two books being released are from two dif. Series. ( they intertwine thru out all three series)  The First is “Destroyer” its the 5th book in the Ir’Indicti series! its classed as YA i think, but honestly.. if you were 7, 589 years old you would like this Series. Im going to give you the link to connies FB page and her blog .. so you can see the wonder of the series yourself! *G*  the second book being released is “Demons King”  The reason im not adding a blurb about the books is because i dont know them yet.. but if you have read the rest of the series you get the idea.. and will be slavering to get the latest instalments.. if not.. what are you waiting for.. start reading book 1!!!!

links for Connie Suttles Pages!




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