Coveted (Coveted #1) by Shawntelle Madison


Wow, what can I say, I was sucked into this one!

Stayed up to after 3 am this morning reading it, and then finished it off once the kids and hubby were gone for the day!

(spoiler alert!)

OK, I’m standing by my orig. thoughts on this one. Thorn, im just not feeling him as a mate for Nat. He acts like he is there for her, and is always guarding her from a distance. Her grandmother goes on about what he would do for her if he could.

His idiot of a father, who happens to be Alpha, just will not give Nat a break. So shes obsessive compulsive and has issues? so what? he has a napoleon complex! *evil grin*

If Thorn really loved her like he makes out, why the hell did he abandon her 5 years ago? why is he accepting a pairing with a powerful family just because daddy said so? Oh I care for you Nat, but I just cant be with you.. you don’t understand.. boo hoo.. poor baby, man up and grow a pair!

whew.. sorry end rant!

now Nick the warlock.. YUMMY!  open your eyes Nat! hes there, Hes sexy, and he wants you. and He came in all bad ass and took names when no one else stood up for you!

ARGHHHH!! OK OK.. need to de-stress.. but wait no, not gonna happen cause I’m off to buy the next book.. and possibly threaten the life of E-pages if they don’t do what i want!

A really well done to Shawntelle Madison! I love it when i get drawn into a book, and my emotions get engaged! this book was well written, full of detail, and had you thinking about why the things that were happening were happening! *G*

also, has funny sarcastic dialogue  and supporting characters you can only shake your head at and think.. OMG.. they let them out in public without a minder? *G*


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