Kept by Shawntelle Madison

Kept_h180 (1)You know that you have enjoyed the book when it ends and you have that stupid loopy grin on your face! Thank God that most of the time no one can see it *LOL*  Just Finished reading Kept, and I have to eat my words… Thorn redeemed himself! I still think he was a bit dense and late coming to the game but hes male so what else can we expect!

I hurt for my wizard friend… sucks to love some one that cant return it the way you want!

my only gripe is theres no next book yet! theres loads of things needing answered! Also, the possibility of loads of spin offs! Seriously, Shawntelle you cant leave us hanging with what gonna happen to Thorn!

btw folks, this book explains why Thorn is such a tool in the first *G*

and i will leave it there!



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