Month: January 2013

Anew (the Archers of Avalon by Chelsea Fine



just finished reading thiis morning.. and while i wasnt sure at the start.. by the end i was hooked!  which brother to love… how to keep from dying.. well you know its love when the boy dies for you! *G*  anyway, keeping this one short and sweet as i cant say much without major spoilers.. but to read!


On my Kindle now!

ImageI have so been waiting for this book..

the ending of the last one just made me want to yell.. NOOOOOOoooo!

and it took a while for the third book to come out *sobs*

Not even read half way, and while its not in the same Genre as what i have been reading, its one of the ones I like.

Seriously, dont even try to read it if you have not read the first two.. they are not stand alone in anyway!






So shes preg. Fenris has her at the begining and she finds out that she is the daughter of thomas corbet, who not only Killed her lovers mom and dad, but tortured them and laughed while they begged for mercy. To save the Lycan nation, overcome her Corbet blood and defeat  Fenris, she not only has to get two alpha wolves, whom are Twins, estranged, and determined to kill every last person with Corbet blood to agree with a Menage relationship (btw they both want her) they have to accept her blood being half slayer, be ok with a threesome and kill all the bad guys while saving their whole race.. not to much to ask of a preg. lady huh? I just had a baby 4 months ago, and i think i would have ripped both sets of balls off.. said F you to the lot of them and go off to some unknown corner and start batting for the other team! *Lol* good thing im not the heroine here!

lost on what ive read! *lol*

ok been reading a few dif. things together.. some a bit of smut even.. sometimes you just have to let your brain shut down! 

so What ive read thru.. and can give you an answer on! Image


this was a fun read.. short but entertaining! *G* 

military guy injected with chemicals turned into lion, girlfriend savvy dr. who saves him and whisks him away, but he ends up saving her and unborn baby.. *G*  its a free read from elloras cave.. so grabbed it! Its Jan so cash is slim and if there’s a free read im grabbing it! *G* Sigh, wish they would give me books to read *G*  But for a short story (which btw i usually avoid like the plague) it was good. 

Also, read Defiance by Shelly CraneImage

while its a YA it keeps you reading!  It kept me interested enough to read all three books! 

it was almost there to pull at my emotions but not quiet if you know what i mean.. Again, I really enjoyed the books and only have a chapter left to read of Independence. Leaving off for a day or so, as i Hate when I know its the last book, and once its done… there’s not another one! 



Accordance by Shelly Crane (YA)


Well, I grabbed this as a free read from Amazon, and fell into it quickly! *laughs* 

its amazing how something that is written for a younger audience can enrapture us hardened old women! *W* 

Anyway, Accordance is a sweet book, all about Aces who have magical abilities and how they imprint.. ala Jacob from twilight. there is angst and betrayal and a lot of growing and heart ache in this book, and it carries out thru out the series. It shows how no matter what your age, Love is always possible. It tells a story of enduring love of a tragic young couple, who just fall into one heart ache after another. The thing is their families are very supportive and want to help in any way they can.. its a turn from, just the two of us against the world !*smiles*  anyway.. im reading the series and just going into the last book of the three.. and they are all well worth the read!