Accordance by Shelly Crane (YA)


Well, I grabbed this as a free read from Amazon, and fell into it quickly! *laughs* 

its amazing how something that is written for a younger audience can enrapture us hardened old women! *W* 

Anyway, Accordance is a sweet book, all about Aces who have magical abilities and how they imprint.. ala Jacob from twilight. there is angst and betrayal and a lot of growing and heart ache in this book, and it carries out thru out the series. It shows how no matter what your age, Love is always possible. It tells a story of enduring love of a tragic young couple, who just fall into one heart ache after another. The thing is their families are very supportive and want to help in any way they can.. its a turn from, just the two of us against the world !*smiles*  anyway.. im reading the series and just going into the last book of the three.. and they are all well worth the read! 



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