lost on what ive read! *lol*

ok been reading a few dif. things together.. some a bit of smut even.. sometimes you just have to let your brain shut down! 

so What ive read thru.. and can give you an answer on! Image


this was a fun read.. short but entertaining! *G* 

military guy injected with chemicals turned into lion, girlfriend savvy dr. who saves him and whisks him away, but he ends up saving her and unborn baby.. *G*  its a free read from elloras cave.. so grabbed it! Its Jan so cash is slim and if there’s a free read im grabbing it! *G* Sigh, wish they would give me books to read *G*  But for a short story (which btw i usually avoid like the plague) it was good. 

Also, read Defiance by Shelly CraneImage

while its a YA it keeps you reading!  It kept me interested enough to read all three books! 

it was almost there to pull at my emotions but not quiet if you know what i mean.. Again, I really enjoyed the books and only have a chapter left to read of Independence. Leaving off for a day or so, as i Hate when I know its the last book, and once its done… there’s not another one! 




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