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Character Interview with Samantha Potter


Today’s Interview is with one of the sexy Samantha Potters characters.

They have asked for their own time in the spotlight, and as we all know;

When the voices in our heads start talking, we should always listen.

I will now turn you over to Sam and let her people take over.

I have to admit… I love Ella… she is a hoot.. and I have now added this to my own personal reading list!


Thank you for joining us I’ve made up some questions and if you will just pass them along to your Character for me?

Sam: Sure thing mate, I’ve asked Ella these questions so I’m happy to share her answers.

1: Tell me about yourself? You know the basics… Name, age, sex, Location… phone number.. hehe

Ella: My name is Ella and I’m an eighteen year old female. Oh Brandy, you can have my phone number and my address! 😉

2: Where do you like to go when you are angry?

Ella: When I’m angry, it’s like a warning sign to all those around me. You would think they would know not to piss off a witch. Lol.


3: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Ella: Selfish people can’t stand them. Share the love, I say.


4: What is your biggest fear? Who have you told this to? Who would you never tell this to? Why?

Ella: My biggest fear is losing control of my powers and hurting an innocent person. Ramiro and Dominic are aware of my issues, even if I don’t tell them directly they are happy to listen to my thoughts without permission. Cheeky boys.

5: Have you ever been in love or had your heart broken?

Ella: Yes, I am in love. I was lucky to stumble across my mate, Dominic. I’m one lucky woman.

6: Is there anyone that you would kill for or have you done so? Off the record of course.

I’d kill for my family if required too but I like to be the better person and offer a second chance but if they show no remorse then… well it isn’t pretty.


7: Think back to when you were a child, what is  your strongest memory? Is it a good one?

Ella: I’d consider it a bad memory. I lost my sight at a young age and for some reason that made me a target for the school yard bullies. It wasn’t a pleasant child hood at all.


8: What sort of underwear do you wear? Or are you commando?

Ella: Well that’s easy, I wear the edible kind. 😉


9: What is your current state of mind?

Ella: hmm… I’d say stable, maybe.


10: What is your most marked characteristic?

I like to believe I’m a nice person with a great sense of humour, that’s if you don’t rub me up the wrong way. I kind of have a bad temper but shhh don’t tell anyone.

You can find Samantha and her guys at

BOOK TWO OUT :30th of September.


Author Interview with Whiskey Starr


10531323_527412460720413_1597067437_nplaying for keeps

Today we welcome the very lovely Whiskey Starr to the Blog….

And Once again, I take great pleasure in asking the erk… gulp… non-standard questions.

Hehe, but just to be kind I will start with the easy ones.

1: So Whiskey, tell me all about you? What are you doing right now? See easy…


I’m not all that interesting, but I am a stay at home mom with four kiddos.  I’m married to my best friend, though he is a smart ass. I started writing books to give me something to do and love every minute of it.

Right now I am working on the third book of the Surviving the Dream series.  It’s an Erotic Rocker book. 

2: Are the names of the characters in your novels important?

I think they are.  They help define the characters.  You can’t really have a super alpha type male with the name of Bob. Lol.  It helps you understand the characters better.  I looked at the characters and let them tell me their names.

3: Do you research your novels? Or are you a more of let it flow type of person?

I do some research in every book I write.  I am a stickler on trying to be factual when I am doing something.  But the story itself I let unfold with each character and if my muse is working as well.

4: Do you have a favourite quote?

Not really.  I tend to love so many different things and it varies with each mood.

5: When did it ping in your brain, “Hey I’m an Author?”

Oh crap, I didn’t ping yet.  I still don’t think of me as being an author.  I look at it as Im doing something I love and people seem generally happy with my work.  But when someone does say it I laugh, it just hasn’t sunk in yet. 

6: Do you ever “google” yourself? Go on you can tell us the truth!

OMG I have.  It’s weird too.  I jumped up and down and pointed to the screen as my hubby came over.  I said “look I’m on google.  How cool is that.”  The ass hat patted my head and walked away shaking his.  Yup he knows me all too well.

7: When you are writing a steamy sex scene… do you get as hot and bothered as your readers?

HELL YEAH I DO.  I mean if I don’t get turned on how am I going to expect my readers to right.  I find that if I “research” sometimes I can deal with the issues easier. 

8: How do you use description to write good sex? How did you learn how to write good sex?

Umm, I have no clue honestly.  I just write it as if I was there and feeling what they felt.  I let my mind go blank and let it come to me.  Plus reading so much it helped me understand how to describe various things in the yummy bits of the book. 

9: Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others? Love? Action? Racy?

So far I haven’t had to many issue with anything.  But I know there will at some point and when I do I will accept the challenge. 

10: What are you working on now and can we have a peek? Pretty please with bells on?

LOL. Right now I am getting ready to release my second book, Playing for Keeps and this is all about Hunter.  He is a pure playboy and boy does he not disappoint. 




“A beer sounds great Hunter.”  He ran into the kitchen bringing two beers.  Again they ate as she told him about her past and growing up with her family.  He would ask a question here and there but gave her room to talk.  The sun was slowly setting and she knew she needed to leave soon.  He had to work tomorrow and so did she. There were several people to call and some items she needed to acquire without him.

“Hunter this has been fun but I think it’s time for me to head back.”

“You could always stay over.”  He wiggled his eyebrows making her laugh.

“I think it would be a bad idea.”  She stood up and Hunter followed suit.

“If it would be a bad idea so would this…”  He grabbed her around her waist pulling her next to him with his chest crushing against her.  He left no room to argue as he slanted his mouth over her.  A soft gasp was all he needed as he plundered her mouth.  Taking no prisoners as she concurred drinking in all her moans and whimpers.  Wrapping her arms around his neck he ran her hands into his hair holding him to her.  The bitter taste of the beer was surrounded by the warmth of him.  Hunter’s hands roamed her body then moved to her ass, grabbing a hand full while the other held her hair tugging to the point of pain and pleasure.

His lips released hers moving to her neck biting and sucking softly.  Her once dry panties were now soaked with juices of anticipation.  But her mind was running through various reasons why this would be a bad idea.

“Hunter, we have to stop.”

“I don’t wanna stop, God you smell so good Shelly I bet you taste even better.”  Hunter was now moving to her breast.  The feeling of his hands relishing them, sliding his thumb over her taught nipples almost made her lose track of her reasoning.

“We have to.  I work for you and this is wrong.  You just want me because you haven’t had any other woman in a while.”

In an instant he stopped everything he was doing and looked at her.

“It’s not like that Shelly.”

“Come on Hunter.  I’m not stupid enough to believe you would want me just because you like me.  You’re horny and Scarlett has a leash around your neck.”  She saw him look pissed at her.  “Look, I don’t want to fight with you.  Thanks for breakfast and dinner but I think I should head back now.  I have an early morning as do you.”

“Shelly, we need to talk about this.  It’s not why I kissed you.  I wanted to, I really do…”

“Don’t say you really like me Hunter.  I just can’t hear it okay.  I think I will call Sky and see if she can get me.”  She moved to the hall and heard Hunter yell whatever and then he was gone.  Not one to let a tear fall because she didn’t want to play by his rules, she walked outside and sat on the steps waiting for Sky.  It wasn’t more than ten minutes when Sky pulled up asking if everything was okay.

 NOw ladies and gents… 

Its is back to me the blogger to give you the links to the wondrous Whisky’s work…

Look below and make sure to go and grab a good read!



Scarlett Dawn Author Interview

Scarlett Dawn


Hello Everyone,

Today’s interview is with a personal favourite of mine.

It is the Devine Scarlett Dawn.

Now, if you are like me and stumbled across this gem and got hooked, or coming across her for the first time, Have a seat and lets look into the mind of an outstanding author.

Scarlett my wonderful lady, I’m sure you are used to the standard questions for author interviews.

How did you start, where are you from, what inspired you…. I don’t do that… so, take a deep breath

And let’s begin.

Q: This one is easy. Tell us about you. Think of it as a mini bio.

A: I’m a wife, a mom of three teenagers, owner of two dogs, owner of two cats…and I like to write! Luckily, the writing comes easy for me. And even more fortunate, I have fans who love the Forever Evermore series!

Oh! And I adore cheese fries.

Q: Do you have any spare time? Is writing your only job, or do you juggle? Is sleep optional?

A: Spare time? I’m not sure what that is! And yes, writing is my only job. Sleep…man, that sounds nice… 

Q: When you start a new book, does it flow or is that initial chapter painful?

A: It’s not painful if it’s a story that won’t leave me alone. I don’t like to write stories that I have to push. I try to stick with what I enjoy, so it does make for a better flow while working.

 Q: Have your nearest and dearest read your work? If so, were you terrified or excited to let them?

A: My husband has only read bits and pieces of my work. He’s more of the outdoor type of man. Now, my mother-in-law has been reading my work. I was shocked, a little scared, but she loved it – even if she said the ‘sex scenes’ were a bit much for her. (hey…yeah)

 Q: I love, and I mean LOVE the Forever Evermore series. However, It’s more adult than a lot of YA and even some NA that I have read.  The kids grew up a lot faster than in many series.  Was that planned or did it just unfold?

A: Yes, in a sense it was planned that way. I knew the hurdles they would have to face, and with any life experiences it makes you grow up. Add in the fact they are the Rulers of their people, and they kind of have to mature quickly. They didn’t have a choice. Those crowns just planted firmly on their heads, and stuck. Adulthood just smacked them in the face.


Q: How often do you check your amazon ranking?

A: Too much. Really.

Q: Are you working on anything new at the moment? If so what is it? Can we have a peek? Tease us please!

A: I’m working on three different projects right now…and no, no peeking. Sorry!

Now for the Exciting bit… have we whetted your appetite?

Below is Scarlett’s work and where you can get them!

Go on… run for it.. you know you want to!

front hires King Cave Cover KingHallCover KingTomb_Final Obsidian Liquor

Obsidian Liquor Amazon:

Fall Amazon:

A Cursed Bloodline Cecy Robson

a cursed bloodline

I ran across this series a while back.. and picked up the first few books one after another.  I was hooked. When I saw this on netgalley I had to have it, and I was so lucky to be chosen to read it!

I have to warn you…If you are looking for a soft, happy love fest… yeah… dont read this. Go some where else.. this is not the book you are looking for.

However, If you are looking for angst, rage, tears, anger, betrayal and just want to kick general ass on the behalf of Celia, then go no further. You have reached your destination.

keep your tissues close, you will cry.

If I could kill a certain bastard myself I would do so slowly and painfully… but I digress… yes, this is a great read… and it gets a 5 star review from me!

Due for release.. 18 oct. 2014

Vivian Arend Copper king

Copper King

Takhini Shifters 1

Vivian Arend


I have read quite a few of Ms. Arend’s books. Once again, it was a win, this time with an easy uncomplicated read.

I do like her shifter books and they are easy to follow.

This book while not an Epic story was entertaining and fun.

She is always  a fun writer and have never had any complaints about her work.

I recommend this book if you are looking for sexy shifters,  you like your bears, *not in the GBLT style*  😉

and want to relax with a good read.


Fang Chronicles : Ivan by D’Elan McClain


Where to Begin?

Well first of all… I loved it.  I ignored my family and did not put it down today.

It is well written, and as the author has promised is able to read as a stand alone.

I can attest to this, as I have not read the previous books. (but I think I will have to now)

I will not give away the story but the next bit does talk about the story line… so if you do not want to know any more.. stop reading now!!!

OK… you were warned…

One of the things I loved… was that the two main characters did not meet in the first few pages in the book.  In fact it was half way through when they came face to face.

They do not get along… talk about your cat and dog moments.

One of my favorite characters were not the two mains.. it was a secondary… and I loved him!

Seriously, I want to read Rondy’s story.  And Cecily had better live forever… just saying.. lol

All in all… I really enjoyed this read.  There’s nothing really negative I could say about it.

If I had my dreathers.. The only thing i could add… and this is not a complaint.. only me wanting an EPIC extended version… would be to make in much more detailed and longer.. but that’s only because I want more… I’m greedy like that.

Well done, and looking forward to Rondy’s story… cause there will be one right? just saying… no pressure… but I know people.. hehe 😉

My first Netgalley download!


The loss of Ivan’s mate, Alba, left him broken and turned his inner beast inside out. With the war between the wolves and enemy cats, who killed his mate, all but over his anger has no focus. His new clan consists of two vampires, three cats, and his lone wolf.

Talya ran from her clan after losing a challenge against her friend for the love of Dmitri, the vampire leader of the bear clan. She’s young and impulsive with the weight of her shameful past on her shoulders. Can two humans help her mature into the alpha female she’s destined to be? Or will she endanger them both to the point of no return?

Ivan needs a mate worthy of taking on his angry beast and Talya needs a mate strong enough to tame her erratic impulses. Can sworn enemies overcome their pasts and fight for a chance at eternal love?

Watch this space… Ive just downloaded it.. so will try to have the review up tomorrow!

Scarlett Dawn

What can I say… I love this woman!

She is a star!

I became hooked on her NA work… and now I am hungering for Oct. when the newest instalment is out!

If you are looking for something to fill the hours and suck you into a new world.. I def. recommend Ms. Dawn…

Her series is below.. hit amazon up! You wont regret it….

519D5FII2SL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_ 51-MdDUyrtL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_  510G9gZ55eL._AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-48,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_51zCJc+A1fL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_

AUTHOR Nicole Colville



I just want to welcome everyone and introduce my first Blog Guest.

Today I want you to meet the wonderful, devious, and sexually twisted (in a good way)

Nicole Colville.

She is a fabulous writer and person. She also, has a great sense of humour so I got away with some Risqué questions… hehe


The Interview

Hello lovely goddess,

Yes, I mean you.  Relax and take deep breaths, I only want to ask you a few painless (mostly) questions. Please feel free to answer them as in depth as you would like.

Really, your viewers will love to hear all of your deep dark secrets.

Are you ready?

Too bad, here they are anyway…

1: Tell me about YOU.  Age, sex, favourite position, where you are from and what drug you into the world of writing.

I’m a thirty six year old female from Leeds, England. I was born and raised there, and unless I win the lottery, that’s where I will stay. I started writing years ago, but only as a hobby and I never shared those stories with anyone. Two years ago, I became ill and had a few months at home. I was so bored, and I read everything I had, so I looked on line and found an erotic free fiction site and read loads. I thought I’d occupy my time and write something for the site, just for a bit of fun.

I started writing a short, sweet, no plot type of thing, but found I couldn’t stop, and my plot just went crazy. I had so many ideas and men I wanted to follow. My short story ended up over 400,000 words. LMAO. Yeah, so that was strange, but I had so much fun doing it. My sister came round and asked me what I planned to do with it. It got me thinking, and after a lot of thought, I decided to publish it myself. So here I am – to cut a long story shot. 😀

My favourite position…. Hmmm, so many to choose from. Depends on how I’m feeling, but I’d go with doggy style. 😀

2:  how would you describe your genre? And what made you choose it?

Well, I started off with m/f contemporary erotica, but my m/f couple was pretty boring, so I followed his brother who happened to be gay and his relationship which was much more interesting to me because I liked them both as people a lot more. That’s how I fell into writing m/m erotica. All my books so far are in this category and I don’t see myself changing anytime soon. I love the genre and the people in it, authors and friends.

3: Do you bond with your characters? Are they real to you on some level? And have you laughed and cried with them?

I bond with them a lot, and yes, they’re real to me. I have so much back story about them in my mind, I see their childhood, their difficult years through school. I see their thoughts, their desires, their plans for the future. Even if those things don’t make it into the book, they are always there in my mind when I think of that person.

I’m a very emotional writer, not a person, but when I write I feel the emotions of the character like I am experiencing them. I have cried so much writing some parts that I couldn’t see through my glasses because of the tears. I get angry, happy, every emotion they feel, I go through them with them.

4: Do you have a favourite character? If so who and why? (Doesn’t worry, we won’t tell the others.”

My favourite character is Scot Victore, my Mr V. All the other men know this, I don’t keep it to myself. Lol.  Me and him have been through a lot together, and he was one person I just threw into my first book without any thought at all, because he wasn’t supposed to play a big part in my plot. How everything changed. He’s been in eight of my books, and he will be playing small parts in the three coming out next year. I have a very close relationship with him, he leads me through my series like a puppet on a string. He’s really stubborn, talks all the time, always gets his own way no matter what plot twists I need to come up with to satisfy him. I love him, everything about him, but I love how he has grown and developed through the books the most. I’m very proud of him.

5:  What books/authors have influenced your writing?

Oh, so many. I read romance books from an early age, I stole them from my grandma lol. Mills & Boon type. I read a lot of Catherin Cookson, she is a master plot twist writer, love her. Then I moved onto more erotic books – by accident at 15 – I was bought the Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice. I am a huge fan of every one of her books. I don’t think they influenced my style, maybe my flair for the dramatic J But they have inspired me to write, and I am inspired by every book I read by every author.

6: Have you ever hated something you wrote?

Yeah, sure, all the time. lmao. I delete it though and re-write it or scrap it and save it. I have over 300,000 words in scrap from my first four books. It’s useless now because I changed the plot around, but I still keep it. I read through earlier published work and I want to re-write it using my current knowledge and more advance style, but I feel it would lose something, and it’s good to look back and see how you’ve grown. I think every author feels that way about previous work, it is never really finished, it’s always a work in progress.

7: have you ever suffered writers block? How did you cope?

Not really. Honestly, my men don’t shut up. They drive me mad. And when they go sort of, kind of quiet, another man will pop into my brain and start whispering things into my ear. I always have three or four, okay five books on the go at the same time. Each following two different men, so my mind is busy. You know how it feels when you get tinnitus, that’s me ALL THE TIME. People think I’m deaf, but I can’t hear them over the sound of the people in my head.

I did decided once to stop writing a book. I needed six months out to gather my thoughts, but during that time I wrote two more novels, then I had my plot for the one I was stuck on, so I went back and finished it. I often pause writing for a few hours, or days if I need to think about where the men are taking me, but during that time I write other things or proof other books ready to go to my editor.

8: What are you working on right now?

Oh, so many things. I have two full length novels for The Hidden Series in progress, and one in the planning stages. I’m also writing a short story for Halloween which follows two characters from Hidden. I have a new book in progress which I’m super excited about, but can’t tell anyone about yet. All I can say is, it isn’t included in The Hidden Series and it will be awesome.

I also have a short story series of ten books due out called Knights to Remember about my Leeds male escort, who I adore and I have lots of fun writing with him.  I have the first book almost completed and it will be out in December, then I will have one out every month during 2015.

On top of all that, my series is being published in French, so I am reading through the first book to get it ready for translation. The first book will be out in November, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about that.

So, I’m busy lol. But that’s the best way to be. Always have different things going on, have different books in as many stages as you can. Get those ideas out of your head and silence those voices.  J

9: how sexy is too sexy? When writing erotic sex scenes, do you have a limit?

I have no limits. None at all. But readers have, so I do tame my dirty mind down, just a little.  Some of the things I would find erotic wouldn’t work in mainstream books, but what I have out there is pushing the boundaries a little for some people. I consider some books I have out on the high end of erotica, but that fitted the book and the men at the time, so in my eyes it was needed. My most recent book had much less sex because the men didn’t need it so much in their life right then. It really just depends on them, and how they feel and how they interact as a couple. Some people need sex more than others, some people enjoy it with multiple partners, or men and women. I think I break every publishing rule out there, but people love it.

10:  Can we get an excerpt on you WIP? Please… pretty pretty please?

Of course, beautiful Brandy. Here is an excerpt from my next full length novel, Hidden Need. It follows two men who have been in the other books, but only for minor roles. Mario & Luca. These guys are HOT!! I love them. They also have a great story to tell and a lot of difficult issues to overcome before they can make their relationship work.

Mario grew up in a small Italian village, in a family home where his mother had to suffer domestic violence almost every day. He was bullied and beaten by his father, and has tried to hide his sexuality for years. When his father dies, Mario is given a type of freedom he has never had before, but at 23 he is an alcoholic and has to go through detox and get his life in order so he can build the bridges he has burnt over the years. His one true love and a friend he has known all his life, Luca, is bi-curious. His first relationship with anyone would be difficult for him, but with a man, and with a man who has so many issues like Mario – can it ever work out? Is love enough?


The following is Explicit and has lots of bad words and hot male loving… You have been warned!!


Excerpt – Copywrite Nicole Colville 2014 – Unedited

How long have I waited to her Luca say my name like this?  How many times have I thought of him whispering my name as I drive him crazy with desire?  So many times I can’t count.  I’ve imagined him looking like this, I’ve dreamt about him, fantasied about him but nothing compares to how he looks right now.  I want to stay above him, just enjoying how stunning he looks right now, but both of us crave more.  It’s like a hunger that I can’t stop.  I have to be with him.  I have to join with him.  Become part of him.  I have to give him anything he desire from me.

“Please, Mario.”

His fingertips are pulling at the waistband of my training pants.  Christ, he wants to touch me.  I didn’t think he would.

My body slides beside him; his head lifting on top of my arm, his lips are so close.  I can feel my pants being pulled down and my cock bounces free.  I sigh as I drop my mouth to his.  Again the sensation of those dreamy lips touching me, the scent from him, the fact he’s kissing me back with the same passion, it’s all just too much for me to take in.  I throw my head back, crying out as his lean fingers wrap around my base, traveling up and around my length in a slow, painful, beautiful way.

“Christ, Luca.”

He curls his fingers around my head, my precum is making his palm slick and wet.  A perfect twist of his hand nearly gets me there.  I bite my bottom lip and find some sort of control from deep inside me.  I’m pulling his pants and shorts off his arse, I squeeze his perfectly round, full cheeks, forcing him to move even close to me.  I can feel his cock rubbing against my stomach, leaking with the excitement he’s feeling.  Feeling for me.  I groan as another twist and long pull of his hand over my cock shocks me.

I quickly fall onto his mouth again, listening to him panting and moaning.  His body thrusting against mine, his hips trying to force his cock further against my stomach.  I wrap my hand around his base and his intense reaction to my touch almost makes me cum.  His whole body tenses and lifts from the sofa.  Holy fuck, he’s beautiful.  He’s driving me wild next to him.

He’s too lost and his hand has fallen from my cock.  I quickly take in how stunning he looks right now, I want to imprint it on my mind forever just in case this is the last time I see it.  His head is thrown back, his mouth is parted, his eyes are closed, his breath is so fast, and those sweet mewling noises he is making is enough to make my cock shoot all over his thighs.

“You’re gorgeous, Luca.  I want you so much.”


His breathless pants and thrusting against my hand tells me he’s close.  I wrap my hand around both of our cocks and take control of our pleasure.  Seeing him enjoy me is more exciting than anything else right now.  I just want to bask in how much he’s showing me.

A loud scream of shock leaves his mouth when our cocks touch for the first time.  He opens his eyes and finds mine.  The heat from our rigid lengths is so good.  I pull us slowly, taking in how his hard cock feels against mine.  Thank God for having big hands.

He’s soon lost again, thrusting his body, making me grind my cock against his, my grip tightens and we both shout out.  Our sweaty bodies rub against each other’s; his sexy tanned flesh looks good enough to eat right now.

I find his mouth again, my hand struggles to keep up the steady movements we’re both enjoying.  We lose our minds together, both too eager to end our enjoyment.  My balls lift and my cock stiffens against his, I grip us tighter.  Luca’s body begins to lift into mine, he’s fucking my hand, his body is taking over, taking what it needs from me.  I grunt into his hair as I feel my orgasm beginning.

“Cum with me, Luca.”

A long wail followed by his shouts of ecstasy fill the room.  I cry out with him.  My cock is pumping out shit loads of cream all over us, then I feel the searing hot spurts of his own joining us.  He sounds so fucking good.  Looks even hotter.  I’m still shooting over my fingers, over his stomach, over me.  Shit, I feel like I just split in half I came that hard.  I fall against him, still pulling our cocks softly, letting us both ride the waves of our orgasm for a bit longer.

(give me all the links to your stuff and I will add it as well… hehe.. Hope you like the questions!

Including any cover pics you want me to put up!)

Available From This Author

Please visit the authors Amazon page to see all of her available books by following the attached link:

You can also find Nicole Colville & The Hidden Series on Facebook; please look at her page for new releases and information about the series.


Available to buy on Amazon:

Hidden Truths

The Hidden Series – Book One

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Hidden Pasts

The Hidden Series – Book Two

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Hidden Passion

The Hidden Series – Book Three

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Hidden Love

Scot Victore & Jamie Burton

The Hidden Series – Book Four

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Hidden No More

The Hidden Series – Book Five

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Hidden Child

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Hidden Pain

The Hidden Series – Book Six

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Hidden Away

2013 Christmas novella

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Hidden Deceit

The Hidden Series – Book Eight


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Hidden Trust

The Hidden Series – Book Nine

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