Fang Chronicles : Ivan by D’Elan McClain


Where to Begin?

Well first of all… I loved it.  I ignored my family and did not put it down today.

It is well written, and as the author has promised is able to read as a stand alone.

I can attest to this, as I have not read the previous books. (but I think I will have to now)

I will not give away the story but the next bit does talk about the story line… so if you do not want to know any more.. stop reading now!!!

OK… you were warned…

One of the things I loved… was that the two main characters did not meet in the first few pages in the book.  In fact it was half way through when they came face to face.

They do not get along… talk about your cat and dog moments.

One of my favorite characters were not the two mains.. it was a secondary… and I loved him!

Seriously, I want to read Rondy’s story.  And Cecily had better live forever… just saying.. lol

All in all… I really enjoyed this read.  There’s nothing really negative I could say about it.

If I had my dreathers.. The only thing i could add… and this is not a complaint.. only me wanting an EPIC extended version… would be to make in much more detailed and longer.. but that’s only because I want more… I’m greedy like that.

Well done, and looking forward to Rondy’s story… cause there will be one right? just saying… no pressure… but I know people.. hehe 😉


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