Scarlett Dawn Author Interview

Scarlett Dawn


Hello Everyone,

Today’s interview is with a personal favourite of mine.

It is the Devine Scarlett Dawn.

Now, if you are like me and stumbled across this gem and got hooked, or coming across her for the first time, Have a seat and lets look into the mind of an outstanding author.

Scarlett my wonderful lady, I’m sure you are used to the standard questions for author interviews.

How did you start, where are you from, what inspired you…. I don’t do that… so, take a deep breath

And let’s begin.

Q: This one is easy. Tell us about you. Think of it as a mini bio.

A: I’m a wife, a mom of three teenagers, owner of two dogs, owner of two cats…and I like to write! Luckily, the writing comes easy for me. And even more fortunate, I have fans who love the Forever Evermore series!

Oh! And I adore cheese fries.

Q: Do you have any spare time? Is writing your only job, or do you juggle? Is sleep optional?

A: Spare time? I’m not sure what that is! And yes, writing is my only job. Sleep…man, that sounds nice… 

Q: When you start a new book, does it flow or is that initial chapter painful?

A: It’s not painful if it’s a story that won’t leave me alone. I don’t like to write stories that I have to push. I try to stick with what I enjoy, so it does make for a better flow while working.

 Q: Have your nearest and dearest read your work? If so, were you terrified or excited to let them?

A: My husband has only read bits and pieces of my work. He’s more of the outdoor type of man. Now, my mother-in-law has been reading my work. I was shocked, a little scared, but she loved it – even if she said the ‘sex scenes’ were a bit much for her. (hey…yeah)

 Q: I love, and I mean LOVE the Forever Evermore series. However, It’s more adult than a lot of YA and even some NA that I have read.  The kids grew up a lot faster than in many series.  Was that planned or did it just unfold?

A: Yes, in a sense it was planned that way. I knew the hurdles they would have to face, and with any life experiences it makes you grow up. Add in the fact they are the Rulers of their people, and they kind of have to mature quickly. They didn’t have a choice. Those crowns just planted firmly on their heads, and stuck. Adulthood just smacked them in the face.


Q: How often do you check your amazon ranking?

A: Too much. Really.

Q: Are you working on anything new at the moment? If so what is it? Can we have a peek? Tease us please!

A: I’m working on three different projects right now…and no, no peeking. Sorry!

Now for the Exciting bit… have we whetted your appetite?

Below is Scarlett’s work and where you can get them!

Go on… run for it.. you know you want to!

front hires King Cave Cover KingHallCover KingTomb_Final Obsidian Liquor

Obsidian Liquor Amazon:

Fall Amazon:


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