Author Interview with Whiskey Starr


10531323_527412460720413_1597067437_nplaying for keeps

Today we welcome the very lovely Whiskey Starr to the Blog….

And Once again, I take great pleasure in asking the erk… gulp… non-standard questions.

Hehe, but just to be kind I will start with the easy ones.

1: So Whiskey, tell me all about you? What are you doing right now? See easy…


I’m not all that interesting, but I am a stay at home mom with four kiddos.  I’m married to my best friend, though he is a smart ass. I started writing books to give me something to do and love every minute of it.

Right now I am working on the third book of the Surviving the Dream series.  It’s an Erotic Rocker book. 

2: Are the names of the characters in your novels important?

I think they are.  They help define the characters.  You can’t really have a super alpha type male with the name of Bob. Lol.  It helps you understand the characters better.  I looked at the characters and let them tell me their names.

3: Do you research your novels? Or are you a more of let it flow type of person?

I do some research in every book I write.  I am a stickler on trying to be factual when I am doing something.  But the story itself I let unfold with each character and if my muse is working as well.

4: Do you have a favourite quote?

Not really.  I tend to love so many different things and it varies with each mood.

5: When did it ping in your brain, “Hey I’m an Author?”

Oh crap, I didn’t ping yet.  I still don’t think of me as being an author.  I look at it as Im doing something I love and people seem generally happy with my work.  But when someone does say it I laugh, it just hasn’t sunk in yet. 

6: Do you ever “google” yourself? Go on you can tell us the truth!

OMG I have.  It’s weird too.  I jumped up and down and pointed to the screen as my hubby came over.  I said “look I’m on google.  How cool is that.”  The ass hat patted my head and walked away shaking his.  Yup he knows me all too well.

7: When you are writing a steamy sex scene… do you get as hot and bothered as your readers?

HELL YEAH I DO.  I mean if I don’t get turned on how am I going to expect my readers to right.  I find that if I “research” sometimes I can deal with the issues easier. 

8: How do you use description to write good sex? How did you learn how to write good sex?

Umm, I have no clue honestly.  I just write it as if I was there and feeling what they felt.  I let my mind go blank and let it come to me.  Plus reading so much it helped me understand how to describe various things in the yummy bits of the book. 

9: Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others? Love? Action? Racy?

So far I haven’t had to many issue with anything.  But I know there will at some point and when I do I will accept the challenge. 

10: What are you working on now and can we have a peek? Pretty please with bells on?

LOL. Right now I am getting ready to release my second book, Playing for Keeps and this is all about Hunter.  He is a pure playboy and boy does he not disappoint. 




“A beer sounds great Hunter.”  He ran into the kitchen bringing two beers.  Again they ate as she told him about her past and growing up with her family.  He would ask a question here and there but gave her room to talk.  The sun was slowly setting and she knew she needed to leave soon.  He had to work tomorrow and so did she. There were several people to call and some items she needed to acquire without him.

“Hunter this has been fun but I think it’s time for me to head back.”

“You could always stay over.”  He wiggled his eyebrows making her laugh.

“I think it would be a bad idea.”  She stood up and Hunter followed suit.

“If it would be a bad idea so would this…”  He grabbed her around her waist pulling her next to him with his chest crushing against her.  He left no room to argue as he slanted his mouth over her.  A soft gasp was all he needed as he plundered her mouth.  Taking no prisoners as she concurred drinking in all her moans and whimpers.  Wrapping her arms around his neck he ran her hands into his hair holding him to her.  The bitter taste of the beer was surrounded by the warmth of him.  Hunter’s hands roamed her body then moved to her ass, grabbing a hand full while the other held her hair tugging to the point of pain and pleasure.

His lips released hers moving to her neck biting and sucking softly.  Her once dry panties were now soaked with juices of anticipation.  But her mind was running through various reasons why this would be a bad idea.

“Hunter, we have to stop.”

“I don’t wanna stop, God you smell so good Shelly I bet you taste even better.”  Hunter was now moving to her breast.  The feeling of his hands relishing them, sliding his thumb over her taught nipples almost made her lose track of her reasoning.

“We have to.  I work for you and this is wrong.  You just want me because you haven’t had any other woman in a while.”

In an instant he stopped everything he was doing and looked at her.

“It’s not like that Shelly.”

“Come on Hunter.  I’m not stupid enough to believe you would want me just because you like me.  You’re horny and Scarlett has a leash around your neck.”  She saw him look pissed at her.  “Look, I don’t want to fight with you.  Thanks for breakfast and dinner but I think I should head back now.  I have an early morning as do you.”

“Shelly, we need to talk about this.  It’s not why I kissed you.  I wanted to, I really do…”

“Don’t say you really like me Hunter.  I just can’t hear it okay.  I think I will call Sky and see if she can get me.”  She moved to the hall and heard Hunter yell whatever and then he was gone.  Not one to let a tear fall because she didn’t want to play by his rules, she walked outside and sat on the steps waiting for Sky.  It wasn’t more than ten minutes when Sky pulled up asking if everything was okay.

 NOw ladies and gents… 

Its is back to me the blogger to give you the links to the wondrous Whisky’s work…

Look below and make sure to go and grab a good read!




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