Character interview with Lei Carol

Today’s Interview is with one of the characters from luscious Lei Carol.

As usual, I will hand over a set of questions to Lei and then she gets to poke and prod whichever voice in her head is brave enough to come out and play! Hehe…

Are you ready to probe your guys, Lei? Too bad if you’re not…  It is time to play “tell me your deep dark secrets.”

Lei (shouting in her mind) “Hey guys??? Since you book comes out today, Brandy wanted to interview one of you…. Who wants to answer the questions???”

Elliot pushes Blaine forward to sit on the long comfy couch, while whispering words of encouragement in Blaine’s ear before turning to walk away.

Lei: “Okay Blaine, I am gonna ask you some questions and just answer with the first thing that comes to mind.”

1: Tell me all about you… this is a standard question.. So you know how it goes… Name, age, sex, location… favourite position…

‘’Ummm… Well my name Is Blaine Thomas and I am a twenty-four year old shy guy. I just recently moved to Sleepy Hills, Oregon, which is in the Cascade Mountains…. Umm… I don’t think I am gonna answer the last part.”

Lei: “Wow Blaine, you still blush so pretty when you get embarrassed. Especially after all the things Elliot has done to you.”

Blaine: “Shhhh….”

2: Which living person do you most despise?

“My ex.”

3: Which living person do you most love?

“Umm…. Elliot.”

4: What is your greatest regret?

“Not standing up for myself sooner.”

5: Which talent would you most like to have? (no it does not have to be a super power… sexual prowess is allowed.. LOL)

Blaine: “I would love to have lots and lots of strength.”

Elliot: “Excuse me! Sorry to interrupt but Blaine, love, you have more strength then you give yourself credit for. Otherwise you would never have survived through everything. Now you may go back to your interview.”

6: Where would you like to live?

“Um…. I really love being in the mountains… I don’t think I could find a better place than here in Oregon. “

7: Who is your favourite hero of fiction?

“Superman… Have you seen how strong he is?”

8: Who are your heroes in real life?

“Anyone who has been strong enough to get away when the abuse starts.”

9: Do you have a motto? What is it?

“A motto? Oh… I don’t know… not really… Hmmm….”

10: If you were stuck on a desert island with only one person and one provision…. who, what and why?

“I would want my mate to be there and as for the provision…. Well… I would want chickens, cause then you get both eggs & meat from them…”


Saving Blaine ~ Blurb


After months of running and constantly being afraid and looking over his shoulder, jumping at his own shadow, Blaine moved to Sleepy Hills, Oregon. Slowly making new friends and letting his guard down enough to try to date Elliot.

Elliot Wolfenson had been waiting months for his mate to settle enough to finally meet him in person instead of just emailing. Trying to control his wolf so he doesn’t send his scared mate running all the while trying to gain Blaine’s trust.

Everything was going great until Blaine witnesses Elliot in the arms of another man. Feeling the devastation rush through his system, Blaine turns to run only for his past to return.

Will Elliot be able to save Blaine and their relationship in time? Or will he lose everything he has always wanted?

Excerpt from Saving Blaine

Cascade Pack Book Two

By Lei Carol

“Blaine, I am so glad you made it.  Thank you, Nancy,” Elliot said, standing and pulling out the chair for Blaine.  “Please have a seat.”  His smile could only be described as wolf-like and predatory.  “Blaine?”

“Huh?  Oh yeah.  Thanks,” Blaine replied, turning bright red, and unable to believe he had been caught staring.  Wow, talk about a gentlemen.  Shows up early and holds out my chair.  Never had someone do that for me before, it’s nice, really nice, Blaine thought to himself.  “So, Elliot, um, how is your day going?”

“It’s been a good day that has changed to a great day now.  I was wondering if you would make it since you never did respond to my email.”

Blushing even more, Blaine stuttered, “Um.  Well.  I honestly didn’t know if I was going to come until about twenty minutes ago when I walked out the door.  I normally don’t go out unless it’s to the store.”  Looking up through his lashes, just staring into Elliot’s eyes, Blaine got lost in the blue depths.

“Blaine?  Earth to Blaine?  Come in Blaine,” Elliot said chuckling.

“Huh?  Oh my…I’m so sorry.  I can’t stop staring.  I feel like such a dork.  Maybe I should just go,” he said, feeling even more embarrassed and starting to stand.

“What?  No!  Stay,” Elliot said, reaching out and grabbing Blaine’s arm.

Gasping and all but falling back into his chair, Blaine couldn’t help but stare at the tan hand holding his arm.  Feeling the electric current flow through his body at the simple touch, and wondered what it was and if Elliot could feel it as well.

“Please, stay.  I don’t mind you staring at all.  I just wish I knew what you were thinking when you stare like that,” Elliot smiled, showing off his perfect white teeth.

“I’ve never seen anyone else with the same color of eyes you have.  They’re beautiful,” Blaine shyly said as he settled back into his seat.  Continuing to stare, Blaine found himself comparing Elliot’s looks to he who should not be thought of.  Where that one was kind of short, Elliot was tall—very, very tall.  Blaine had always dreamed of a tall, muscular man being his knight in shining armor.

There were nights where he would go to sleep thinking of his knight.  Wishing he would just break down the door and destroy the wicked dragon who was keeping him held captive.  Each time he would picture his hero he would be all things good, and never hurt him physically or emotionally, and at the end of each dream his big, handsome savior would whisk him away and make mad passionate love to him.

Blaine was jerked from his daydream when Elliot, while smirking, said, “They’re just blue eyes.  Lots of people have blue eyes.”

“Just blue?  Really?  That’s where you are wrong.  They aren’t just blue.  They are what I would call robin’s egg blue.  I would love to be able to paint you.  There is just something about your eyes,” he said, thinking about how the other one’s eyes were just brown, a dull brown like his personality.

If he really knew everything I was thinking, he would probably beat me up.  Damn, just to be able to watch all of those muscles get put to use.  I could spend hours drawing him and painting him and even sculpting with clay.

“I wonder if he has a six or an eight pack,” Blaine said, not realizing he had spoken the last part out loud until Elliot said, “Eight.”

“Eight what?”

“You asked if I had a six or an eight pack.  It’s an eight pack.  Now before you start to freak out, I’m gay, so I won’t beat you up or anything.  So tell me about yourself.”

Letting out a sigh, Blaine answered, “Well, I’m twenty-four.  Go to school full-time and have a roommate, who just happens to be lazy, annoying, won’t help around the house.  As soon as I open a can of tuna or anything like that he is right there ready to help me eat it.”

“Seriously?  Why would you let someone live with you if that is how they are?  I can get rid of them for you, if you wanted,” Elliot said, flexing his biceps making his t-shirt to go tight from his arms and across his chest showing off how big and muscular he really was.

Instantly going rock hard watching the man flex, Blaine said, “Well, I would but he wouldn’t survive out on his own seeing as he is my eight-year-old, fat, orange tabby cat named Outkazt who is too lazy to even meow properly to be able to beg.”

Blaine watched as Elliot threw his head back and let out a laugh, sending tingles down his spine.  Oh man, the way his face lights up when he laughs like that, the other one never laughed at my attempts to make jokes and he sure as hell never looked as happy and carefree when he laughed.

“Well I was not expecting your lazy, good for nothing roommate to be a cat.  That explains a lot actually.  I happen to be more of a dog person myself,” Elliot said, smiling while motioning for the waitress to come over.

“Hi, guys, I’m Julie and I will be your waitress tonight.  Have you decided what you want to order yet?” she asked with a smile.

Blaine noticed Elliot never ever looked up at the waitress while ordering his hamburger and fries.  It was another thing to go in his favor.

“I’ll just have the kids chicken strip basket, please?” he said, blushing once again and looking down waiting to be made fun of for ordering off the kids menu.

“Blaine, look at me.  It’s okay if you want the kid’s size, but will it be enough for you?  You can have anything you want to eat,” Elliot said, looking Blaine in the eyes.

“Even you?”


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