Month: February 2016

Mack by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff


This was my Birthday read! yeah me!

I love Mimi’s writing. I Love to hate King.  I love him.. and hate him… but I just all out love Mack.

I advice you to read the King trilogy first. I mean, lets face it…you will not get the story if you dont.

I will not give you any spoilers … but here is the link, so go check it out.

You will not be disapointed with this series.

Well, if you like your men all loving and happy… dont read these books.

King is an ass hole… but a sexy one. Mack, is just sexy and scarred.


Olivia by R. Lee Smith


Erotic Horror

This is one of my five star books. I cant sleep, eat or do anything else when im reading this author.

I love the gritty romantic horror of how they write.

If you like a bit of bite to your book then this is for you.

BTW… these are not short books they are long and epic, but never boring.

Fat chick Vs health and chocolate

I want some.. thick dark rich and creamy.. filling me up so good.

Im greedy and LOVE BBC… you know.. big black chocolate bars, that is.

OMG… I am having a foodgasm just thinking about it.

But damn this habbit of healthy eating that im trying to wear.

It is the devils own temptation and the sexy evil bastard is covered in it , trying to lure me in for a secret wicked taste.


Ugghhh.. a bad review

I hate this part. Its times like this that you have to take the ugly with the pretty.

I forced myself to read the book, even though I was fed up with it within minutes.

It was a millsnboons type of book.. you know.. preg. by the sheik.

I was in that kind of mood. In fact, I pre-ordered it and had it ready for me this morning.

Sadly, the leads were so flat and ugggh… I just wanted to slap them both.

The female lead is a school teacher, and meets a shiek. lust at first sight, he stalks her and she thinks its cute.

I mean, if i came home and found the inside of my house filled with flowers, i would be freaking out.

I mean, B&E! then he shows up.. the day after he met her, and bullies her into going out with him.

guess what, they have sex.. shes a virgin and ohh my… what do i do?

ohh well… shes hot and he needs a wife. Im going to marry you woman.

a week of saying no and then she says yes.

Ummm hello? You are making all women look bad.

Then three months of wedded bliss… but wait she trips and her bodyguard catches her. Sheiky comes in sees them in a compromising position and bam…

You  are a whore! how dare you sleep around!

Umm hello, three months ago she was a virgin, you screw her every waking moment and the light bulb is barley lit enough to stumble down the hall in her little head.

So she cries, hangs around for two weeks before boohoo he wont talk to me and leaves.

Oops shes preg.. fast foward nine months hubby goes to see her and walks in on her in labour… there is more… but we all know how this ends.

Throw in crazy labour scene.. that would never happen in real life. Ive done it 4 times and never acted like that in any shape form or fashion.

She goes back with him..

has a mental break.. but its just baby blues…

I mean… I CANT DO IT… Im leaving.. you will make a better parent than me. But, i need a puppy.

Im sorry but I just dont know what the author was thinking?


Where in the world is Connie Suttle?

She is off travelling to far off reaches at the moment.   I would be hating on her if it wasnt physically impossible to hate her!  she has like some kind of genetic markings that make me love her!

She really should have been my mom in another life!

Anyway.. while Connie is off on her travels.  I am still pedling my wares.. and working on winning this contest for signing up peeps to her mailing list.

If you have no idea who Connie is, then its time to climb out from under the rock you have been living under!

Here is the link.. Sign up and help me out! I WANNA WIN…  I mean.. lets face it.. its a win/win for everbody. I get brownie points and you get a fantastic author!

FYI.. Connie is at the top of my.. I dont care what she wrote.. i download it because i know its gold and I need my fix. and a larentti. I so need a LARENTTI!!!!

Just saying..