Sign up to Connie!

Well as you all must know by now… I am a HUGE… I mean… HUGE Connie Suttle fan!

seriously… I found her books a few years ago on amazon, fell in love. Stalked her on FB and then being the shamless hussy I am messgaed her and began a totally unsolicited friendship.. wahahahahaha

Saying that, Connie has become a dear friend, and I love her to bits.

You couldnt meet a nicer woman!

anyway.. i will stop sharing my girl crush and instead help spread the word of her awesome writing prowess.

Sign up to her newsletter, check out her books.  However, there are a few of the guys that are mine. I will cut you if you try and go for them. I mean, I have to freaking share them with their mates as it is. sighs…

Right, rational brandy is back.

If you do nothing else today, Check out Connie Suttle  you wont regret it.

She has my guarentee.

click here and join the coolest kids in the universe!


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