Fat chick vs Health ,Day one:

Food wise, ive not been too bad.

I had a bowl of 4 fruit cereal for breakfast.

The kids left over wedges and 3 goujons for lunch

and having two baked potatoes for tea.  Not had them yet, so two may be one too many.

Ohhh and Ive had a cup of tea this morning, and one right now. I will die for my tea.

well.. maybe just kill for it.

My back is killing me. I have nerve damage between the spine and hip bone and it acts up every now and again.. this is one of those times.

I spent a lot of time in bed today.  Yeah, it sucks but if you cant move, you cant move.

Easy for all those jokers out there telling you to keep moving it will ease up.

Ummmm what part of dibilitating pain did you not get?

one second please… picks up broom and procedes to beat evil bitch back into her box.

Sorry about that…. I dont know how she got out. The skinny chick inside me is not doing her job.


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