Where in the world is Connie Suttle?

She is off travelling to far off reaches at the moment.   I would be hating on her if it wasnt physically impossible to hate her!  she has like some kind of genetic markings that make me love her!

She really should have been my mom in another life!

Anyway.. while Connie is off on her travels.  I am still pedling my wares.. and working on winning this contest for signing up peeps to her mailing list.

If you have no idea who Connie is, then its time to climb out from under the rock you have been living under!

Here is the link.. Sign up and help me out! I WANNA WIN…  I mean.. lets face it.. its a win/win for everbody. I get brownie points and you get a fantastic author!

FYI.. Connie is at the top of my.. I dont care what she wrote.. i download it because i know its gold and I need my fix. and a larentti. I so need a LARENTTI!!!!

Just saying..


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