Starlight by Adrienne Woods


Le’sighs.  This is the last book in the series and I hated to see it end. But it did end very well. There is also a bit at the end for another book, that I want to read.

Blake and Elena do get their HEA… but there are so many bumps in the road.

FYI, this is a long book, so unless you have a lot of spare time, or can forgo sleep then expect it to take you a few days.

There were places that I dragged my feet, but I think it was because I knew this was the end.  Then it sped up and went too fast and I was … WTH… this can’t be the last page already. I’m not ready… I need more…. Then you get the tease about a great great great great-grandson.. and Im like… give me!

This is a great series. I def. recommend it.


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