Politics and the state of the world

Hi guys,

I don’t normally bring politics into my blog, simply because there is no place for it here. However, today i am making an exception to this rule.

People who know me, will understand that I am pretty upset by how things turned out, and that I fear for the state of the future of America. Especially for its minorities and women.

I have family members who are diehard republicans and as racist as you can get.

I struggle to understand their point of view, but i understand it is theirs.

However, no one will freaking tell me that i have no right to be involved because i no longer live in america.

When someone who has no clue about the big wide world,  tells me that I don’t live in the states anymore and do not even vote, and to mind my own business.. well, i get angry.

This is how it actually works.

I am an American citizen, I lived the first twenty two years of my life in North Carolina before moving to Scotland and getting married.  I have been voting since i was 18 years old.  I am still liable for taxes, even though i have not lived or worked in the united states since 1999.

My children are eligible for citizenship and the draft.

So yes, i have a vested right in what goes on in the United States. I’m sorry, if you do not like my liberal views that everyone matters, that everyone has the same rights that you do. it does not matter what color their skin, sexuality, how they identify as a gender,

Honestly, i’m sick and tired of all the uneducated trailer park trash in the world screaming for blood.  yeah, i said it.  I can be nasty as well.. so go back to your pill popping, beer drinking, narrow minded life and leave the rest of us alone.

I’m so sick and tired of taking the high road.  I was brought up in that nastiness, of hate and discrimination. Where you went to church every sunday, put on a good show about what a good Christian you are, and then look down your nose at everyone else, while sinning like their is no tomorrow in private.

The best part is the gossip, you know how it goes, as soon as someones dirty laundry gets in the air, those holier than thous are spreading their nastiness as fast as their mouths will run. They never ever think about their own skeletons, or are so delusional that they think that its ok what they do.

I could write several books on the filthy little secrets in my own family, however, other than being sued.. i have no interest in their lives.  I have been the black sheep my entire life and if bratty pseudo adults, think they can worry me and make me feel intimidated , then they have another thing coming. Come on, I was fending off much bigger things that them years ago, and I could care less what they say about me behind my back.

Sorry.. that had been building for a long time.

Back to the real issue…

We are all people, we are none of us perfect.

No one is better than anyone else, if you haven’t figured that out yet.. then maybe you should sit down and really start thinking about things.

America needs to open its eyes and realise that their is a major problem.





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