Colds are the work of the Devil!

I’ve been MIA the last few days… I am trying to die.. from the common cold.

Every one I know, is sneezing and sniffling.  Seriously,  of all the horrible diseases and illnesses out there, why is it that a cold, makes you want to curl up into the fetal position and cry?

it could be the lack of sleep, because lets face it, you cant sleep when you cant breathe.  You know when you lay on one side, and one nostril becomes breathable… but then you roll over in your sleep, only to be startled awake, because you can no longer breathe, due to the fact that your sinuses are going the other way.

Damn you gravity!

I am seriously considering taking hubbys drill and making a hole between my eyes to relieve the pressure!

Who else is dying from this plague called the cold! tell me your stories and your woes!

Misery loves company!


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