Month: December 2016

All books Free!!!

As a little Christmas pressie, all my books are going to be free for the next five days, starting Christmas morning!

Check out my authors page here for all the books, and have a free read over the christmas holidays!

Please remember to leave a review when you get a chance!


Merry Christmas! Free books here!


Book covers!

Hi everyone,

I am thinking about branching out into another direction.  I’m thinking about selling book covers.

Here are a few I made today, and at the moment they are going really cheap, as I’m starting out.

If you are interested let me know and drop me an email at

Splitting Seconds


i’ve just finished reading this. it is the second book in the series and a reverse harem theme. There is a few typos but not too distracting. My man problem is that it ends to abruptly. at least add a The End… I kept clicking to make sure there wasn’t another page. Saying that, I will def. be buying the next n the series when it comes out.

also note, its free on unlimited!