Author: J.B. Miller

Ohh where to start. I am an author, but that is only one of the many things I am. Also, I'm a full time mom of two boys and a female toddlerl.. *what a strange creature she is* I'm an Avid reader.. i devour books! if i had one thing i hate about my reading, is i read to fast, the story just doesn't last long enough for me! Originally, I hail from America, in the good ole state of North Carolina, but until recently I lived in the wilds of Scotland, far into the highlands in a town called Wick. In 2012 we moved to England, and even though it was 500 miles south of where I did live.. Im still in the North! go figure! I love to read obviously, but also love to take photos and learn as much as i can. Addicted to Documentaries, and all things Paranormal! big fan of Ghost Hunters.. just makes me happy!

Move up date?

-The final edits are uploaded. The question now, is should I hold out to the 15th or release it early!

I will make a deal with my readers! Lets see if we can up the pre-orders a little more and I will do an early release! Share this and get those pre-orders and I will make it an early release!

PRE- ORDER HERE!!!jpg-kindle-cover-1


Edits are done!

well they are done!  All I have left to do is let my editor run over them, and upload the final version ready for download on the 15th!  Who’s ready for it?

There will only be one more Dia book after this one.  I thought i would let you all know that now!

Everything comes together is the final book.

You can Pre-Order Dianthe’s Darkness Here!



AM I BAD a story of Autism

Can I ask all my friends and Family to share the links for Am I Bad? Trying to get as much reach as I can!

Wolves and Roses by Christina Bauer

I was able to grab a copy of this book from NetGalley.

Let’s just say, I read it in one sitting. lol

It is a great storyline, where Bryar Rose, is not what she seems.

There is an awesome bit of plot twist and the author leaves you wanting more.

She is a tease that Bauer woman!

I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.


Dia is Done!

Woot woot! get out the champers and have a swig.

I wrote THE END, on Dianthe’s Darkness today. It is now in the hands of the editing goddess.

She likes to make me cry!

But, watch this space!  the next Dia instalment will be live before you know it!