Naughty or Nice?

Have you been Naughty or Nice? Check out Christophe Christmas, and his list. Free on KU

Darynda Jones, The Trouble with twelfth Grave


I’ve just been given an advanced reader copy and OMG!

I was squeeing through the whole book!

I love Charlie and Rhys, and this did not disappoint!

But holy cliffhanger batman!  My only question is when is the next book?

Get that woman some coffee and lock her in her cave, with no access to FB!

That’s how serious this is!

Going to the Manchester Author event!

Woot woot.. I’m going to the Manchester author event on the 18th and 19th of Aug. Only as a reader, but looking forward to it!

In other news, I am having the books formatted and they will be going to print soon! so watch this space!

The Next Dia book is over 30k and it’s making me sweat! some great scenes and some scary ones.. eek.

I have a new Facebook group called The Dia Diaries, where anyone interested can talk about whats going on in the series and I will answer questions.
I will also be doing give aways in the near future… so join us and win a prize!