Move up date?

-The final edits are uploaded. The question now, is should I hold out to the 15th or release it early!

I will make a deal with my readers! Lets see if we can up the pre-orders a little more and I will do an early release! Share this and get those pre-orders and I will make it an early release!

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R. Lee Smith

Sometimes you stumble across an author that is so far beyond your normal comfort zone, that you actually shy away from reading their book.

Sometimes, once you begin, you can not stop.

Smith, is one of these mysterious and wonderfully dangerous writers. ┬áThe books are all things taboo… from rape, to interspecies sex, and every freaking that that can go horribly wrong in the heroine/heros life can and does.

However, you will be drawn in, you will have every emotion, oft ones you did not expect to experianced pulled from the depths of your heart.

It feels as if the author is there, plucking each string of your heart one by one, tugging you deeper into their world.

There are Epics… and R. Lee Smith is a creator of these.

These works, while not for the faint of heart. sqeamish, or easily offended… are at the end of the day, a Masterpiece.

Thank you R. Lee Smith to your contributions to the written word and the world of story telling.

I have added a link to the amazon page, so that you can check out the work for yourself. Please do so, stretch your limits.