Move up date?

-The final edits are uploaded. The question now, is should I hold out to the 15th or release it early!

I will make a deal with my readers! Lets see if we can up the pre-orders a little more and I will do an early release! Share this and get those pre-orders and I will make it an early release!

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Fangs and Fennel by Shannon Mayer




I have just finished reading it, and as with the first one, had a blast with it! I don’t know if i’m the only one, but I’m team Happy! is that bad? can’t wait for the next book to come out… and eagerly waiting for it!

PS… I have Fennel in my garden, and you hit the description spot on!


11th grave in moonlight by Darynda Jones



Well, well, well… Lets just start with one sentence.

The biggest mistake of your life, Ms Jones. That is, if the next book is not coming pretty damn fast!

You will have fans baying for your blood!


However, the book is fantastic, I love Charlie’s insanity, and we really need her to get her beep back. As a mother, it is breaking my heart! and I don’t even like my children on days that end in Y! JK.. I always love them.. like them.. ehhh…

This is a huge FIVE STARS for me.  I cant wait to see what comes next!

Jones, get your coffee maker going and sit down and type.. type as if the hounds of hell are on your heels… cause lets face it, they are, in the guise of rabid fans.

I love your work, keep it up!

Starlight by Adrienne Woods


Le’sighs.  This is the last book in the series and I hated to see it end. But it did end very well. There is also a bit at the end for another book, that I want to read.

Blake and Elena do get their HEA… but there are so many bumps in the road.

FYI, this is a long book, so unless you have a lot of spare time, or can forgo sleep then expect it to take you a few days.

There were places that I dragged my feet, but I think it was because I knew this was the end.  Then it sped up and went too fast and I was … WTH… this can’t be the last page already. I’m not ready… I need more…. Then you get the tease about a great great great great-grandson.. and Im like… give me!

This is a great series. I def. recommend it.

Blood Wars by Brenda Pandos

Now this was a bit odd when reading it, but not in an off putting way.

The story starts off after the fact. IE… a whole previous book that is not there. Confusing? you would think so, but the author has twisted it so that we are along for the ride as these teens try to cope with being the only ones who remember what really happened. We do learn whats going on as you go along, there is back story put in cleverly along the way. Enough to tell us what is happening without being boring.

I do not want to tell any more, as I do not like giving away spoilers… but I liked this book.  A solid three stars with a lean to four. The only reason I haven’t gone to four is because my greediness is showing and I want the story before.. LOL I may revise my opinion with the next book though! By the way… On my scoring.. a three is I liked it, four is I loved it and a five is an OH MY GOD… Give me more right now… I’m gonna have to stalk this author…

Looking Forward to the next one Ms Pandos!


After just having died while saving all of humanity, Julia wakes up to a world where no vampires exist. Unexplainably, she and Nicholas are the only ones who remember the past. Julia’s wish to be a normal teen has come to pass, and like a gift, they can start their happily ever after.
That was until a new teacher showed up. To everyone else, Mr. Cruor is just a good looking guy with a voice that makes everything sound exciting, including stories of a bunch of dead guys. However, Julia knows Mr. Cruor. Stuck in his class, Julia is afraid that he’s not here to teach her history. He’s here for something else and there’s nothing she can do about it.

Genre: Young Adult
Following the Onyx Talisman, OUT FOR BLOOD is volume 1 of a spin-off series of serials, each at 20,000 words. Start here, or immerse yourself with The Talisman Trilogy to get the drama first hand.