Move up date?

-The final edits are uploaded. The question now, is should I hold out to the 15th or release it early!

I will make a deal with my readers! Lets see if we can up the pre-orders a little more and I will do an early release! Share this and get those pre-orders and I will make it an early release!

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Darynda Jones, The Trouble with twelfth Grave


I’ve just been given an advanced reader copy and OMG!

I was squeeing through the whole book!

I love Charlie and Rhys, and this did not disappoint!

But holy cliffhanger batman!  My only question is when is the next book?

Get that woman some coffee and lock her in her cave, with no access to FB!

That’s how serious this is!

Fangs and Fennel by Shannon Mayer




I have just finished reading it, and as with the first one, had a blast with it! I don’t know if i’m the only one, but I’m team Happy! is that bad? can’t wait for the next book to come out… and eagerly waiting for it!

PS… I have Fennel in my garden, and you hit the description spot on!


11th grave in moonlight by Darynda Jones



Well, well, well… Lets just start with one sentence.

The biggest mistake of your life, Ms Jones. That is, if the next book is not coming pretty damn fast!

You will have fans baying for your blood!


However, the book is fantastic, I love Charlie’s insanity, and we really need her to get her beep back. As a mother, it is breaking my heart! and I don’t even like my children on days that end in Y! JK.. I always love them.. like them.. ehhh…

This is a huge FIVE STARS for me.  I cant wait to see what comes next!

Jones, get your coffee maker going and sit down and type.. type as if the hounds of hell are on your heels… cause lets face it, they are, in the guise of rabid fans.

I love your work, keep it up!

Author Interviews and book releases!

I am now opening spaces on my blog for author interviews and book releases!  would you like to showcase on my blog? if so drop me a line and let me know. You can message me here, on Facebook or by email at

I am open to all Genres and as long as they don’t contain any of the icky stuff… you know what I mean.. no kiddie sex, no animal sex… shifted sex is ok… lets keep it kinky.  No necro sex.. unless it’s a vamp.  I do not want to be reading about humping dead bodies…ewww.. the fluids.

Other than the obvious… get in touch.. and let me know!